Madison County Elected Officials

Position Name Term Expiration
Judge Executive  Reagan Taylor 12/31/2022
Magistrate District One  Ben Robinson, III 12/31/2022
Magistrate District Two  Roger Barger 12/31/2022
Magistrate District Three  John Tudor 12/31/2022
Magistrate District Four  Tom Botkin 12/31/2022
County Attorney  Jennie Haymond 12/31/2022
County Clerk  Kenny Barger 12/31/2022
County Sheriff  Mike Coyle 12/31/2022
County Coroner  Jimmy Cornelison 12/31/2022
County Jailer  Steve Tussey 12/31/2022
Property Valuation Administrator  Billy Ackerman 12/31/2022
Constable District One  Dustin Sweet 12/31/2022
Constable District Two  Steve Kelly 12/31/2022
Constable District Three  Bruce Thomas 12/31/2022
Constable District Four  Paul Powell 12/31/2022
County Surveyor  Stuart Spencer 12/31/2022

      *Position is not elected but is appointed by the Madison County Fiscal Court.

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